Next to your home your car is your biggest investment. Protect your investment by adding a top-quality City Wide Carpentry garage to your home.

A garage can protect your cars, add to your storage space or even increase your living space. The posiblities are only as limited as your imagination. If you can dream it, we can build it.

You have made a great choice in considering City Wide Carpentry to build your new garage. Looking for a 1 car, 2 car, 3 car or more? Single story, loft, gambrel, or carriage style garage? We build them all. Attached garage or free standing, we can do it.

Our staff knows what size, style and layout can meet all your needs. Plus we have the ability to design that perfect building for you.

Garages are not a luxury; they are a necessity here in New England. Not only they protect your valuable car, truck or SUV from Mother Nature, they add convenience and precious time to your life. No more scraping the windshield or bushing off snow and ice. No more running from the car to your home to avoid that nasty rain storm. Make life easier and enjoy the increased value a garage will add to your home today.

Isn’t it time for you and your family to enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life? For less money than people spend on a new vehicle today, you can own a new garage. And a garage will only increase in value as your home does.