Bathroom Additions / Redesign

Learn about what’s new in bathroom additions.

Bathroom design is one area of home remodeling that’s recently shown us new ways to enjoy and relax. Designed to accommodate busy mornings and relaxing in mind is changing the way people are redesigning their bathrooms. If you’re planning bathroom additions get ready for some fun and relaxation.

Redesigning a bathroom or doing a complete bathroom addition will not only give you a personal retreat but also add substantial value to your home. Many bathroom additions include items once reserved only for the living room and family room. You’ll find accessories to accommodate watching a movie or listening to your favorite music as you relax in your new whirlpool or claw foot tub.

Bathroom Additions

Adding luxury touches to your new bathroom can make it a place where you can enjoy relaxing. New heated flooring and a heated towel rack can make you feel like you’re in an exquisite spa.

The design and location of your bathroom additions can help you save money while still incorporating the elements you want. If you place your addition so that your plumbing fixtures are close to your current system you can save on installations. Some homeowners are installing a second water heater close to their bathroom additions. This keeps the water temperature stable during transfer to the bathroom and helps to ensure there’s plenty of hot water.

Another important key to successful bathroom additions is the contractor you hire. Make sure your contractor is current and up-to-date on the latest bath equipment. Question to make sure you’re getting the most efficient and durable plumbing supplies your budget can afford. Sometimes you’ll pay more upfront, but the savings over time will more than cover the additional costs